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About Me



There are those of us who, it seems, are born to do certain things.Some are born quarterbacks.  Some are born racecar drivers. And there are certain women, who were born to be submissive and obedient.  That is where I come in.  I am a born submissive.  I am slave angie.


I am one of those girls who truly cannot say “no”.  It’s not a word that comes naturally to me.  The words “Yes Sir” come far easier.  And it’s not just about agreeing and doing what Men want me to do for them.  It’s enabling Men like You, yes YOU to revel in your natural Dominance.  Men are supposed to be Dominant over women, that is the natural order of things.  And while it’s not always possible for this natural state to manifest itself in our modern life, I feel that is one of the special services that I perform, allowing Men to be Men, the way they are supposed to be.   Some of the special Men in my life are aggressive Alpha types who stand out in a crowd.  Others are outwardly more mainstream, and some are brilliant introverts.  Regardless, they all share one trait in common, at times they need a special woman to be as women are supposed to be when they are in the company of men. That woman is me….


In a nutshell you will find me to be well versed in a variety of subjects, I can converse on numerous topics. I pride myself on having a clear and practical head on my shoulders, hence  you will find me to be an excellent dinner companion as well as someone whom you will enjoy being seen with at whatever social event you might desire to have an attractive companion present.


In private you will see that I am well versed in the things that a demanding Gentleman such as yourself…well…demands from a companion such as myself.  As I think you can see from my pictures, I am in reasonable physical condition, am quite open-minded, and have a vivid imagination.  No matter what your degree of experience is, I am certain that I will be able to not only satisfy your needs and desires, but should you desire it, I can take you in new and exotic directions as well.  I do hope that you allow me the opportunity to please and serve you the way very few women, if any for that matter, are capable of.  Thank you for your time,

Angie Summers


The Erotic Review